Thursday, March 09, 2006

Multi-sport update

Curling: Curl Girls lost today, so will have to win a tiebreaker game to advance to the playoff rounds of the US Quals. Doesn't look good for them being the US representative to the womens worlds.

College hoops: After the season Wake Forest has had, I'll take any minor victory that I can, which came in the form of beating the Noles in the first round of the ACC tournament. Wake becomes the first 12th seed to advance out of the first round of the ACC tourney. Of course, Wake also because the first ever 12th seed. Stupid expansion.

WBC: Full update to come, but it looks like the fears that Mexico and Canada could work together to eliminate the US were unfounded. Mexico is cruising against the Canucks, and will advance on to Pool 1 with the victory. US will need a win against RSA tomorrow, and then...I don't know exactly how we'll have to win to advance, but there might or might not be a certain number of runs we need to score. I'll probably crib that off someone else's blog before my full WBC wrapup tomorrow.

Football: Labor deal was reached. Okay, that doesn't excite me too much, but I thought I'd include it. Notice it's all the way down at #4. I think I'd actually miss fantasy football more than the NFL itself, except that the latter is a key part of the former.

Hurling: Okay, I'm told this sport exists, but am not sure what it is. Don't know why I'm even including it in my update.

NBA: New Orleans Hornets came home again, which is great for the city. Then they got trounced by the Lakers. It's sort of a depressing pattern that they're playing so well in OKC just to lose in the first game back in New Orleans. Though it's unlikely they would have beat the Lakers in either city.

Bowling: I threw a 147 this weekend. Okay, yeah, it was flanked by two games where I didn't break 100, but 147 is good for me. And it's my blog, so I'll boast about my own sports stuff if I want.


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