Thursday, March 09, 2006

What of the Curl Girls

Those who have visited since the rebranding of this blog with a new template may have noticed my inclusion of Cassie Johnson in the banner, and a link to the Curl Girls website down the right hand side. So, how are they doing since Torino?

Cassie is taking a short leave of absence from her rink, which is currently being skipped by her vice, Jessica Schultz, for the US team qualifiers being held in Bimidji. This will determine who gets to represent the US later this month for the Fords World Womens Championship being held up in Canada. Right now the Curl Girls are sitting on a 4-2 record in round robin play, a game back from the leading rink, and needing one more win to assure a spot in the playoff. It's far from a given if they'll be the US reps up north, but I believe Cassie is due back with the rink if they advance to the Worlds.

On the mens side in the same qualifier, Team Fenson is in tact from Torino, is holding onto a tie for the top spot, and has clinched a spot in the playoff.

Keep an eye out here, as I'll be interspercing my commentary on Spring Training and the WBC with updates of the US qualifiers and the Womens Worlds.


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