Tuesday, April 04, 2006

WMC: Day Four Preview

First, I've sorted out the confusion from yesterday. One of the two places that scores are reported on the official site had misattributed a two point end to the Irish team that actually was a Canadian stolen end. Thus the 10-5 score, as confirmed by Canadian sports giant CBC, was the correct score. Nice to have a sports media that actually follows curling.

We're already reaching the midway point of the round robin. Every team has 5 games under their belts, and by the end of today will have 7 towards the final goal of 11 games played. Most of the teams are still alive and kicking, though the Irish team is starting to flounder at the bottom of the standings.

U15 really needs to put up some wins if he's going to get a chance to go for placement in the tournament. Having so many teams so tightly bunched leaves little room for mistake, just because there's a good chance someone else is going to capitalize on any misstep. Looking ahead at their schedule for today, it's really now or never, since they're being handed two winnable games.

Norway has a chance to continue on its demolition bent, tilting at the Canadians today.

As usual, the draw schedules for my big four picks:

Canada: Denmark, Norway, Bye
Finland: Bye, Australia, Ireland
Scotland: Japan, Germany, Bye
USA: Sweden, Bye, Switzerland


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