Tuesday, June 20, 2006

NIH: A run down on the run down

I may have spoken too soon about Nick Johnson. He and Tony Armas Jr were both shipped back to DC to have a once over by the team doctor. These examinations would decide whether Johnson would DL retro to this past Saturday and Armas retro to Tuesday. That would mean that Johnson would be eligable for return no sooner than the July 1 game against the Devil Rays, and Armas would next be eligable to start on Independance Day. Of course, those are both earliest possible return dates.

Johnson is having problem in the left side of his back. Back pain is a tricky thing, something I know entirely too well from experience. It could be that it starts loosening up tomorrow, it could be something serious that sidelines him for awhile. Obviously the hope is to get him back in the lineup as soon as possible, but healthy trumps fast when you're just playing for divisional ranking.

The other shocker? Soriano. It's being reported that he was wearing an ice pack on his right hand before tonight's game against the Red Sox. He's been experiencing soreness since batting practice on Monday. He's still in and playing, though, but he might not be getting all he can get out of that powerful bat of his.

I'm looking for good news, ANY good news, so here it is. Tim Foli, who I reported was hospitalized with heat exhaustion, is expected to be helming the Zephyrs again tomorrow. Huzzah for a speedy recovery for Foli. He'll be joining the team in Oklahoma City, destroying the earlier news I'd heard about him waiting for the club to return to New Orleans. Perhaps the 3-8 record they've had with him gone has pushed him back a little earlier?


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