Monday, June 19, 2006

NIH: Bad NIH, No Biscuit

Well, looks like a day-to-day snuck by me, which is odd, since I did notice that Nick Johnson wasn't playing this weekend, but didn't think of checking on why. Just figured he'd been playing all season, and needed a night or two off. Turns out that his back is giving him some minor problems, which has caused him to be scratched from the lineup for the short term. Yesterday he wasn't even allowed to take batting practice so as not to tweak it, and instead was treated to massages.

Ya know, I need to be told I can't work and need to get massaged instead.

Anyway, these are my guesses and not any inside knowledge. If he wasn't swinging a bat yesterday, I don't expect him to play today, and I'm not sure about tomorrow either. He'll be back in the lineup before the road trip ends, I'm rather certain of that, but whether his return will happen in Fenway or OPACY, it's anyone's guess right now.

Should have confirmation of him being out of the lineup in another half hour to hour.


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