Sunday, June 18, 2006

NIH: Patterson rehab number three

Patterson Watch: Another week, another rehab start for John Patterson. This time it was back to the other Nationals club as the Big Nasty had his second start for the Potomac club. The PNats themselves walked away with a loss in the game, but unlike his last start in PW County, Patterson was not put on the hook for it.

Instead, he pitched 5.1 innings of, if not the most inspiring ball, at least a longer outing combined with more domination of hitters. Among 5 runs, all earned, he also put away 7 batters with strikeouts, and walked off the field with a lead that was quickly squandered. All-in-all an odd game resulting in the Orioles high-A Keys walking off with a 9-8 victory.

Patterson is said to have felt comfortable with the start, which is great news. The standard rotation would have him showing up in OPACY to face the big league Orioles. Interviews say he's ready to get back, but it hasn't yet been verified that he'll be back to the rotation when he's supposed to be. Here's hoping.

Tim Foli I reported a few days ago that the manager of the Zephyrs had been hospitalized with symptoms of heat exhaust. I'm thus thrilled to report that his recovery is going well, and he's eager to get back to coaching the big Zs. He's also been doing some scouting during the leave of absense. Likely he won't be joining the team during their current road trip, but will likely be in charge when the team gets back to New Orleans.


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