Tuesday, June 06, 2006

NIH: Double the surgery, double the fun!

Nationals have two different pitchers scheduled to officially go under the knife for their respective season-ending surgeries. Zach Day will be undergoing repairs of his right rotator cuff, and Eischen his left. The surgeries will both be taking place in the city of Cincinnati, which it should be pointed out is apparently the home town of the Nationals. Who knew?

Ryan Zimmerman sat again last night. The Nationals, through Jenifer Langosh of MLB.com, are reporting that he should be okay to play tonight. His problem is still being listed as soreness and spasms in his back with no more information about what his problems may or may not be.

The winning pitcher last night for the New Orleans Zephyrs was named Pedro Astacio. That's a name that hasn't been bandied around in quite awhile, but he is starting to have rehab starts. Astacio threw 63 pitches in 6 complete innings, allowing two runs on four hits. Of course, we should all hope that a pitcher we consider one of our major league level guys is able to generate some outs going against a AAA club, so the big news is more that he pitched at all. Better than his last start for the Zephyrs, which was 61 pitches in 4.0 innings and getting pegged for the loss to Omaha.

Patterson is still scheduled to go tomorrow against the Winston-Salem Warthogs.


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