Tuesday, June 13, 2006

NIH: Back to Potomac

Patterson Watch Well hell, those were words I was hoping not to use until Saturday when I came back from the game and reported how he looked against the Yankees. Patterson will be pitching on Saturday, that hasn't changed. All that changed is where he'll be pitching. He'll be down in Prince William Country pitching for the P-Nats, where his night will be limited to 6 innings or 90 pitches. The stated reason is to let him get more curve back in his curveball before coming back to the big league club. I wonder how much of it was a confidence thing. Projecting ahead, his next start for the big league club will now not be against the power hitting Yankees, but against the more lackluster Orioles.

So there you go, new return date will probably Friday, June 23rd up in OPACY.


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