Tuesday, August 08, 2006

NIH: Some catching up, some looking ahead

I've been using this off time during my move to compose my thoughts about the future of NIH, and I would like to proudly say that it does have a future...but one that is being worked on, so there will be more detailed announcements later. Some things I'm considering working on for 2007:

The DL Board, tracking DL movements for the team and return eligability dates.

Player Injury Tracker, listing what injuries a player has gotten over the course of
the season, in a hopes of identifying patterns and chronic problems, and also as a research point for anyone curious.

We'll see how this will all work out.

Anyway, what has your humble NIH blogger missed? Well, let's run things down. It's never been entirely clear how injured Livan Hernandez has been this season, though his knee has been giving him noticable problems at various points. Trick is, it's no longer our problem. NIH wishes him the best of health and pitching with his new club. Except when they're playing us.

Robert Fick landed himself on the DL just a day after Brian Schneider had to miss a game himself, creating an immediate potential disaster that resulted in Schneider being brought in as emergency catcher on what would have otherwise been a recovery day. The Nats probably would have called up LeCroy, except he was no longer a National at the time, or Wiki Gonzalez, except he's been AWOL since the AAA all star break. So, up comes Brandon Harper until Fick is back. Man...our catching situation sucks.

Jose Vidro has been lingering on the DL for longer than expect. He was supposed to travel with the team for the San Diego series, but didn't. Seems to be a wait-and-see process for him, and there's no real indication who'll be starting at second base tomorrow when the Marlins hit town.

Jose Guillen had successful surgery, and will now start a lengthy rehab. Who knows when he'll return, and to what team he'll return to.

For anyone keeping count, the Nats have 9 pitchers on the DL, including 6 on the 60-day. Speaking of DL'ed pitchers, John Patterson has yet to have any rehab starts scheduled, and I can't track down any information on his recovery status or progress. I'm starting to wonder if he's seen his last action for the big league club this season. Or maybe he'll basically end up a call-up during roster expansion.

In bullet-dodging news, Gary Majewski has been DLed by his new team, the Reds.

That's it for now. Caught up on news, and looking to the future.


At 2:35 PM, Blogger Sam said...

Cool stuff.

One random thought for the next iteration of NIH, a glossary/steadman's type collection of the more common injuries and likely courses/recovery time would be cool. So when I hear high ankle sprain, I can come check exactly what this is and whether we're looking a typical four week course or forty.

At 3:20 PM, Blogger MissChatter said...

Your upcoming additions sound promising! Can't wait to see them roll out.

Patterson is currently at his home in Texas, and I'm not sure he's doing anything rehabby at the moment.

At 3:47 PM, Blogger thurdl said...

Sam: Great idea. I've been trying to slowly build something like that in my posts about various injuries. Probably not something I could have fully compiled in time for the 2007 season, just because of researching recovery times, but something I'll certainly think about working up.

Missc: Thanks for the intel!


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