Saturday, September 23, 2006

NIH: The Crash

Unfortunately, I had already given up on today's game when the big collission between Kearns and Johnson happened. Thus, I'm initialy relying on a description of the event that misschatter gave in the Gameday chat.

Wright hit a popup to shallow right field. Kearns and Johnson dove for it at the same time, both of them falling. Johnson’s right leg was bent as he went down and Kearns fell on top of him. Vidro went after the ball and started jumping up and down motioning for help immediately.

Johnson rolled over onto his belly and punched the ground in obvious pain. They came out and rolled him onto a stretcher and carted him off the field after splinting his right leg in the position it was in.

Kearns was so upset he came out of the game (looked like he was crying)

Some of the initial indications given was that Johnson's leg looked broken. Unfortunately there is nothing that is being officially being reported anywhere, but I've got nothing better to do than troll the news until I find something more official about the conditions of Kearns and Johnson.

UPDATE: is carrying the story, but so far has very little additional information than misschatter's take on the situation.


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