Wednesday, September 06, 2006

NIH: Injury of monumental importance

Dan Steinberg has a huge scoop in his new bog (which, if you're not reading, you should). A few months after Teddy Roosevelt went down with a sprained ankle, injuries have once again hit the Racing Rushmores as George Washington took a hard tumble during the President Race at today's day game against the Cardinals. He was able to get up and finish the race, but no word yet to how this will affect his ability to race. He has a week to recover, with the Nationals heading out west to play the Rockies and Diamondbacks, but until we know the extent of the injury there's no saying when he'll be up and racing again.

Early speculation is that Grover Cleveland might get a call up if Washington has to go on the DL. Cleveland has apparently been tearing it up with the Zephyrs during their Minor President Race, and recently won on two non-consecutive nights.


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