Sunday, August 27, 2006

NIH: Chief's chief woe? His toenail.

Always interesting when I can speak with first hand knowledge of the injuries that our guys get. Tommy John surgery? Never had it. Slammed into someone else while running at full speed? Thank goodness no. Ingrown toenails? Hell yeah.

During today's broadcast, TBS reported that Chad Cordero had minor surgery yesterday to help with an ingrown toenail. For those who have never had one...lucky bastards. It's exactly what it sounds like, the toenail starts to grow into the skin, causing irritation, inflamation, pain, and in some cases can lead to infection and even blood poisoning. In the very least, it doesn't feel good. The surgery in question cut away the end half of his toenail to remove it from the surrounding skin.

Now, the new laser procedures for this are mostly painless, but exposed nail bed is very sensitive, and I would not want to be putting pressure on a toe teh day after such a surgery, much less the kind of pressure involved in pitching. In most motions, each foot will bear the full weight of the body at least some of the time.

Of course, our managerial staff, in their infinite wisdom, sent Cordero out to work the 8th inning today. He didn't show too many ill effects. He gave up a homer, but that's just the Chief being himself. Got out of the inning with 19 pitches, and hopefully didn't aggrivate his toe.

Nick Johnson was not in today's game.


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