Tuesday, August 22, 2006

NIH: Plenty Going Down

The first big piece of old news I've not yet covered is the return of Jose Vidro to the ball club. He's been demoted a smidge in the batting order while out on rehab assignment, but is back and swinging away at balls, managing four hits in twelve at bats since returning. The team is being cautious with him, though whether that's because of his continued recovery or his fielding it's hard to say. He saw limited action in the series closer against the Phillies on Sunday, just his third game back. The big game now is to keep him healthy, and maybe some AL team will nibble at him as a DH and emergency 2B.

To make room for Vidro's return, Micah Bowie was sent to the 15-day DL, retroactive to the 10th of August, making him eligable for a return later this week. Or, ya know, when the rosters expand. Wink wink. Stated reason for the DL trip is a strain of his left latissimus dorsi. You've probably heard this muscle called by its more common name: the lats. I'm guessing that he'll be back on the roster in September, since that's just the most convenient time to do so, as it will involve no other roster moves.

Of course...there may be a spot opening up on the 25 man roster. Outfield wiz kid Alex Escobar has been hospitalized with an infection in his shoulder. A swelling of left elbow spread all the way to the wrist by the time the team rolled into Dolphin Stadium, just the latest in a series of injuries that have plagued the kid. Shame too, cause he's a hell of a player when he's actually able to take the field. He's already missed two full seasons and 42 games of this season due to various injuries. Shame too, since he's hitting well north of .300 right now. Look for Ryan Church to get some more play time while Escobar is recovering. How I hate that we only ever seem to have outfield room for just one of those two players, since they're both fun to watch.

It's seems crazy that the Nats are allowed any good news on an injury, but such I have to report, as Joey Eischen is recovering well ahead of schedule from season ending surgery. Team's going to take things slow, but he should be back in form by the start of the 2007 campaign.

Finally in news that I think will be me officially scooping the Farm Authority, prospect Larry Broadway's season is now over, as he's been sidelined with an unspecified injury to the right shoulder. The Zephyr first baseman will be undergoing an MRI to determine what the problem is.


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