Monday, August 28, 2006

NIH: Esco? Far from healthy.

Tell y'all what. From now on, just assume Escobar is injured, and I'll make special posts when he's not.

Alex Escobar continues his strange trip through baseball. When he's healthy, he's dangerous to opponents. Unfortunately his injuries make him equally dangerous to his own team. And now, he's back on the DL for the second time this season, this time with a dislocated shoulder. We'll see how recovery goes, but with the season dwindling down to just over a month left, it takes less and less of an injury to be season-ending.

Speaking of ended seasons, I thought I'd see what was up with John Patterson. Hard to find actual news about our 2007 ace, other than stories about how he's not available (including one in the WaPost pointing out he's only pitched 40 innings this season). Finally TSN, one of my favorite sources for curling news, happened to have a story. According to an article dated to this past Thursday, Patterson has started playing catch at 75 feet (pitching rubber to home plate is 60.5). That's the first step in a long road back, and the article is suggesting the same thing I was a few weeks ago: that his season is over. Better health in 2007, Big Nasty.


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