Saturday, September 23, 2006

NIH: What I'm Finding on NJ

The news is still kind of sketchy. The following things I know for sure.

  • There was an on-field run-in between Nick Johnson and Austin Kearns during the Saturday game against the Mets.

  • According to the write-up: "Vidro's first reaction after the crash was to cover his ears, having heard a crack or pop in the collision, followed by Johnson's screams of anguish." (emphasis mine)

  • ibid: "He's hurt pretty bad," manager Frank Robinson said. "Nick's not going to stay down if he's not hurt that badly. When he wasn't moving, we knew he was hurt pretty bad."

  • NJ was taken to the hospital. No specific injury is being confirmed by the Nationals.

  • Seattle PI is headlining their article with the phrase "breaks leg" and are specifically calling it a broken leg.

At this point, only conjecture can be made. Seattle, Washington is hardly where I would expect the first confirmations to be coming out of, so I can only assume that they are working off of many of the same ruors and conjectures that anyone is working with right now. However, just because I don't believe Seattle would be where confirmation could come out of doesn't mean I don't think it will ultimately be the truth. Of course, even if so, the question is what broke and how seriously. His season is done. Let's hope his career isn't.


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