Friday, June 09, 2006

NIH: Potomac Nationals Indeed

Guillen Watch Guillen snuck under my radar and made his way onto the Potomac Nationals roster for some rehab games, which is some good news. Or, at least, some news. He went 0-for-2 against the Keys in action last night, but left the game early because of a wet field and fears that he might reinjure himself with a slip. There's a double header tonight, and Guillen has been quoted as saying he's all for it, and would love to be back in RFK this Saturday.

Of course, there's still Robinson saying he wants Guillen to be 100%. Afterall, he's more lucrative as trade bait if he's 100%. Not, um, that anyone is officially saying that in any way, oh no.

Patterson Watch Patterson should have a 70-pitch game on Monday, possibly for Potomac. I haven't seen that he'll be anywhere other than Potomac, so I'm taking that as given until I hear differently. If this start goes as well as the last one, his next game will be for the big league club.


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