Wednesday, June 07, 2006

NIH: Rehab Start the First

It's John Patterson Watch time tonight. Patterson took the mound tonight against the Winston-Salem Warthogs, which always puts me in an odd spot, since I was a Warthogs fan while in college at Wake Forest. Twas back when I was fed up with the Orioles, had no Nationals, and they were in town. But that's neither here nor there.

Patterson was only kept in for 10 outs, four of which he fanned. However, he also put up one earned run and ended up sacked with the loss. The start probably gave him some deja vu from the 2005 season. Decent outing, no run support, saddled with a loss. Oh well.

Anyway, Nationals Farm Authority got to ask a few questions of the Big Nasty, so I'll conceed that I'm outclassed tonight, and point you that way. That's what a Potomac Nats press pass can do for a guy.

Patterson will have at least one more rehab start. As of this writing, it's uncertain which club it will be with. Would seem to make sense just to keep him local in Potomac, but an interview with the man himself on the Nationals website reveals he expects to be pitching in the Mississippi Delta the next time he's hurling. Then, hopefully, it'll be back to the big league club.

Will be great, since our bats are starting to wake up, so getting one of our best pitchers back could lift the team that much higher.

Guillen Watch I'm trolling the news, and I can find only two things that anyone is saying about Guillen. One, he's eligable to return Saturday. Two, he probably won't return Saturday. From Frank Robinson: “As far as I know, yes, he’ll be physically ready... Sharp and game ready? That’s going to take a while.” So there you have it. I guess.


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