Tuesday, August 08, 2006

NIH: Controversy!

It was a throwaway in my last post, but the DLing of Gary Majewski could have some serious implications, both in team relations and in medical staff.

The medical and front office staffs of the Reds are considering contesting the trade, claiming that they were uninformed that Majewski had tendonitis and had received a cortisone shot a few days before the trade. Of course, they also say that, given what they know now, the trade would have gone through anyway. Still, they feel that the Nationals and Jim Bowden were not completely up front with them.

Jim Bowden has a potential axe to grind against the Reds? Who knew!

Anyway, the implication in terms of medical staff is that we might be losing one of our medical consultants, Dr. Tim Kremchek, who is (A) the cheif of medicine for the Reds and (B) all sorts of pissed off about this. He's throwing around implications that Majewski was told to keep quiet and that his full medical records were never released to the Reds, even after the trade.

Well, I'm not an investigative journalist, because I don't have access to the people involved, but this could be a dust-up with long ranging implications, as it could close the door on any future trades with the Reds, could cost us some respect of other potential trading partners, and will remove one of our primary medical consultants from the ranks.

CORRECTION: I posted earlier having no idea what was up with John Patterson. In fact, all I had to do was check my own blog to find this post where I said he'd be in a split for 6-8 weeks. This would be the third week of that. Miss Chatter of JANF has helpfully passed along that he's resting comfortably at home.


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