Sunday, August 13, 2006

NIH: Vidro on comeback

Most recent Nats Notes column reports that Jose Vidro should be making a slow return to the team after having completed a series of "baseball activities" without any pain. Presumedly that means he was able to spit sunflower seeds and adjust himself publicly without any discomfort, so that's good.

Anyway, if you hurry, you can go watch him play, as he will be down in PW County for one day only, playing DH in today's home game against the Blue Rocks. This will mark the second time in as many seasons that Vidro has made the start for the P-Nats, having also done some time at both DH and 2B last year. This time around, though, he'll be shipped north quite quickly, scheduled to play some 2B for the Harrisburg Senators (will have to be Tuesday, since Monday is an off day for the AA club).

Best cases should have him ready to take the NL East Road Trip with the Nationals when they take a 9 game jaunt to Philly, Shea, and Atlanta.


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